Population Movement Operation (PMO)

Population Movement Operation (PMO)

Since 25 August 2017, when the latest Myanmar national’s influx from Myanmar to Bangladesh began, the numbers have steadily grown up and now in total population figure is 891,878 people and 205,456 HHs as of UNHCR report 31 August 2018. BDRCS through implementing PMO project has been working hard to scale up its response, offering lifesaving support to these displaced Myanmar national providing health & medical service, Food & Non-Food Items, Shelter & Construction, Nutrition, Psycho-Social Support, Gender Based Violence and recently added to Cash Assistance Program to families, and particularly to the most vulnerable individuals including women, children, and the elderly through a One Window Framework in association with IFRC, PNSs, ICRC.

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January 2023

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Response at a Glance (as of 24 June 2019)

Response at a Glance (as of 24 June 2019)