Search and Rescue (SAR) Training

Training Objectives: 

End of the training the capacity of the participants will be increased to minimize loss of life, injury, and property loss and damage and to maximize use of local resources in conducting SAR operation in an emergency.


  • Any persons who are interested in becoming involved or have just become involved with search and rescue operations.
  • SAR personnel who would like to maintain or refresh their knowledge of search and rescue.
  • Emergency response personnel who belong to organizations who provide resources and assistance during search and rescue operation.
  • Managers of emergency response who want to understand the state-of-the-art skills and knowledge needed by the SAR workers.
  • Community members and groups (scouts, construction builders, hikers, Disaster Management workers, volunteers etc.) that have an interest in safety and preventative SAR operations.

Course Content: 

Objective & Steps of SAR, Survey & types of survey, SAR equipment, Personal Protective equipment (PPE), Emergency rescue methods, Knots & type of  knots, Lacing & types of lacing,  Making improvised Ladder and stretcher, High raised rescue, Confined rescue and Water rescue, Fire extinguish/fighting methods, Qualities. Roles and responsibilities of a first responder, Psychosocial support (PSS), Dead body management, Demonstration on Mass causalities management.

Course Duration: 

  • 3-5 Days: Basic SAR Training (excluding Water rescue, Psychosocial support (PSS), Dead body management, Demonstration on Mass causalities management).


All successful candidates will be provided with a certificate of attendance by Bangladesh Red Crescent Society (BDRCS). Certification is valid for a certain period from the issuing date, thereafter subject to re-certification.

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