National Society Development (NSD)

Transformative actions and an emphasis on National Society Development (NSD) are key elements to increasing humanitarian services. The Bangladesh Red Crescent Society (BDRCS) consistently delivers humanitarian services to vulnerable people in need through volunteers and staff. These services justify the BDRCS’s existence and, as such, are likely to provide the National Society with domestic importance and legitimacy, attracting the resources needed to sustain itself, even in poor environments.

BDRCS’s NSD efforts are outlined in the Strategic Plan 2021-2025, particularly under strategic goal three, which aims to transform the organization into a strong National Society. Capacity strengthening initiatives related to Disaster Risk Reduction and Management (DCRM) and health are also considered as NSD works under strategic goals one and two, respectively. BDRCS has prioritized five transformations, namely: Financial Sustainability, Increase in Members and Volunteers at the center, Digitalization at all levels, Establishment as trusted and accountable local actors, and Increased partnership and collaboration at all levels. These transformations are mentioned in the Strategic Plan 2021-2025 as thematic areas for National Society Development (NSD) support over the next five years.

Supporting National Society Development (NSD) is also a priority for BDRCS partners, as they believe it will contribute to the overall organizational development and capacity building needed to achieve a turning point. Therefore, partners are including NSD initiatives in their country strategy.

Bangladesh Red Crescent Society (BDRCS) has conducted different types of capacity assessment like Organizational Capacity Assessment and Certification (OCAC) and Branch Organizational Capacity Assessment (BOCA) annually to identify the gap and opportunities for National Society Development (NSD). BDRCS Strategic Plan 2021-2025, annual Operational Plan, NSD Framework, IFRC Strategy 2030 and Agenda for Renewal, IFRC New Way of Working etc. are considered as guiding documents for BDRCS’s National Society Development (NSD) Initiatives.

In the context of BDRCS, the Planning and Development department facilitates and coordinates NSD initiatives for the Society, ensuring that all departments’ NSD initiatives are streamlined. Significant initiatives planned for NSD include branch development, finance management and development, financial sustainability, and staff and volunteer capacity strengthening, along with digitalization efforts are articulated to meet the needs of Strategic Plan 2021-2025 to become a strong National Society. To meet this there are specific objectives as follows: i) to improve the overall management systems and facilities for efficient and accountable service delivery and ii) to promote volunteerism, social inclusion, protection humanitarian values and International Humanitarian Law(IHL). BDRCS, with support from partners will capture and share the learning about the development and invest in the co-creation of new approaches, recognizing the collective benefit of mutual learning and will apply the learning for continual development.

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