Strengthening DRM Structures & Capacities (SDSC) Project

Project Overview: 

This project focuses on enhancing capacity in the field of Disaster Risk Management (DRM) at the National Headquarters, local branches, and community level. The project’s goal is to develop the institutional capacities, specified core areas in DRM of BDRCS, while also positively contributing to the population’s self-help skills. Financial support is provided by   the German Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) and co-funded by German Red Cross since 2017. The overall objective of BMZ’s Social Structural funding (SSF) is the creation of long-term structures especially in Disaster Risk Management and Response. Therefore, the implementing organisations should work with a multi-level approach which means structure-forming measures are planned on the three social levels (micro, meso and macro) and are interlinked from the very beginning in the implementation of the project. The project is designed in 3 phases.

Overall Aim:

Contribution to strengthening the self-help capacities of the population through improved disaster risk management (DRM) services provided by the Bangladesh Red Crescent Society (BDRCS).

Project Objective:

The capacities and structures of the BDRCS have been strengthened for disaster risk management (DRM) and are being put to good use at the community level.

Coverage Area:

Project Results (Phase 1 & 2):

Micro Level: The project communities will benefit from improved services provided by the local branches of the national society BDRCS and will become more resilient.

Result 1:

Selected project communities have implemented their own disaster risk management measures (CBDRM) with the support of the branches of national societies and in cooperation with local actors, thus strengthening their self-help capacities as part of holistic local disaster risk management.

Result 2:

The project communities, in particular teachers and pupils from selected schools in the catchment area of the project branches of the national societies, have participated in DRM training, exercises and simulations and have improved DRM capacity at school level.

Meso Level: The capacities and structures of the national society BDRCS, which are necessary for high-quality services in mandated core areas, have been improved by the end of the project. 

Result 1:

The national society BDRCS have strengthened their expertise in prioritised core areas of disaster risk management (DRM) and in selected administrative standards and instruments.

Macro Level: The national society BDRCS contribute to improving the framework conditions for disaster risk management in the country through advocacy and lobbying at government, planning and committee level in the interest of vulnerable population groups.

Result 1:

Government and administration representatives relevant to DRM are better aware of the mandates, roles, capacities and sectoral approaches of national societies and the added value for the aid system is seen more clearly than at the beginning of the project.

Number of people reached in (Micro, Meso, Macro) different level (Phase 1 & 2):


Roundtable discussion with ministries of Govt. of Bangladesh on emerging role of BDRCS