In order to accelerate Red Crescent Youth activities, the Ministry of Education of the Government of Bangladesh has introduced Red Crescent Youth movement in all the educational institute as co-curriculum activity since 2009. As part of this RCY Co-curriculum activity, the educational institutes (grade VI – XII) from a 53-member team to conduct youth activities. The Y&V Department undertakes measures for the capacity building of RCY volunteers and members and organizes basic training on RCRC Introduction, First Aid and arrange earthquake and fire drill with the support of Civil Defense authority. These RCY teams are also engaged in institution base social activities such as gardening, cleaning and literature competition. Under Co-curriculum activity BDRCS reached approximately 13,800 educational institutes and formed RCY teams in each institute. All of these institutes RCY members received training on RCRC Induction and FA training. Among these many institute organized earthquake and fire drill with the active support of local unit RCY volunteers. Last year BDRCS organized Trainer Training for 271 RCY volunteers of 68 units. These volunteers nowadays playing active role to organize training RCY members in 68 units.