Planning Monitoring Evaluation and Reporting (PMER) Section

Planning Monitoring Evaluation and Reporting (PMER) Section

To ensure the efficiency of BDRCSs programs and projects based on transparency and accountability we incubated a Program Monitoring and Evaluation capacity within the BDRCS.

Our Scope
Though, established under the Planning and Development Department, the PMER section will work as cross cutting section for all the Departments and programs. All Department, project and program level planning will be completed in consultation with the PMER section and after scanning by them.

Our Vision
Establish PMER section as a cross-cutting entity for all the departments, projects/ programmes and assist BDRCS in becoming into a well-functioning National Society.

Our Mission
To increase the capacity and efficiency of the BDRCS in emergency preparedness, emergency response and recoveryTo improve the quality and availability of health services and save lives of the people in needOrganizational Development for a well-functioning National Society and effective service deliveryTo enhance community resilience through sustainable developmentTo promote the culture of non-violence and peace through effective Humanitarian Diplomacy and advocacy.

Our Way Ahead
BDRCS hopes to achieve enough quality and necessary capacity in conducting future Planning, M&E, and Reporting requirements through its own resources. Establishment of the PMER capacity has been one of the requirements from the donors and by establishing the section, BDRCS has taken steps towards ensuring quality for its various programs.