Situation Report 2 Fire in Camp 11

In the second day of Fire response in camp 11, Joint Need Assessment (JNA) was facilitated by site management lead – IOM to address out the damage scenario through mobilizing sectoral staff and volunteers under the guidance from Government authority (Camp in Charge Office) in coordination with sector focal agencies where BDRCS/IFRC also participated as they are the Shelter focal agency and have other sectoral footprints in camp 11. From the JNA data it was found that the total number of affected family is 3,011/15,926 individuals where 5,274 individuals are reported as displaced who are sheltering currently in neighboring shelters in other blocks or adjacent camps including 8W, 9 and 12. Following the JNA exercise it was also reported that major affected areas are shelter and WaSH facilities (2,805 shelters were affected including 2,664 damaged completely and 141 damaged partially. Besides, 992 WaSH facilities also reported as affected including 980 fully and 12 partially).


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