Donate Blood

Across Bangladesh, every day there remains an urgent need for all types of blood groups. Especially donors with rare blood groups such as O Negative, B Negative and A Negative are in high demand. Your timely response is essential to the supply of healthy blood for the massive daily demand we face.

Your donation can save the lives of many, make a difference or simply make you feel great about your contribution to humanity. Whatever your reason, whatever your motivation we welcome you to learn more about eligibility and benefits of donating blood with a trusted organization like us.

Find out more about local blood drives and BDRCS campaigns near you. Donate blood, save lives.

Hotline: 01811458524 (9.00 AM to 5.00 PM)

To Donate or Get Blood:

Dhaka Red Crescent Blood Bank

7/5, Aurongzeb Road, Mohammadpur, Dhaka.

Telephone: 02 41023562 PABX, 02 223310368 Direct

Hotline: 01811 458537

Holy Family Red Crescent Blood Center

1st Floor, Out Door

1 Eskaton Garden Road, Dhaka

Contact No: 01811 458536

Chattogram Fatema Begum Red Crescent Blood Center

395 Anderkilla, Chattogram

Contact No: 031 620926, 01815 850533, 01819 353445

Jashore Ahad Red Crescent Blood Center

Munshi Mehabullah Road, Jashore

Contact No: 0421 68882, 01718 802794, 01939 109722

Dinajpur Begum Tayeeba Mojumder Red Crescent Blood Center

1 New Town, Dinajpur

Contact No: 0531 61300, 01723 595972, 01717 184539

Sylhet Mujib Jahan Red Crescent Blood Center

Chowhatta, Sylhet

Contact No: 01611 300900, 0821 724098

Natore Natore Red Crescent Blood Center

Hospital Road, Natore

Contact No: 01850 124225, 0771 66961

Rajshahi Rajshahi Red Crescent Blood Center

Rajshahi District Road, Rajshahi

Contact No: 01865 055075, 01556 333821

Magura Achia Khatun Memorial Red Crescent Blood Center

Jhenidah Road, Stadium Para, Magura

Contact No: 01941 989197, 01941 989198, 01680 547365