Dhaka Earthquake & Emergency Preparedness Enhancing Resilience (DEEPER)


Project Title

Dhaka Earthquake & Emergency Preparedness- Enhancing Resilience (DEEPER)


Country: Bangladesh

City: Dhaka

Areas: 18 administrative areas in Dhaka South City Corporation

Zone 3 : 23, 25, 26, 27 (New)

Zone 4 : 30,31, 35,36, 37, 42,43 & 64.

Zone 5 : 44. 45, 46, 52, 53, 54


July 2019 – December 2020 (18 Months).

Sector (s)

Urban Disaster Risk Reduction, Preparedness, Response strengthening, Resilience enhancing and Capacity building.

Overall Objective

To contribute to reduced propensity and scale of secondary impact from earthquakes and major emergencies amongst the population of Dhaka City and to thereby support progress towards SDG goal 11 on sustainable cities and communities.

Specific Objective

The 18 target wards in Dhaka City have increased preparedness to respond to major earthquakes and other emergencies and enhance resilience through integration into advanced emergency systems.

Result 1

(Volunteers & systems): Systems and volunteer capacities for disaster preparedness and response are strengthened.

Result 2

(Planning and Systems): Preparedness for response capacities are enhanced across the targeted 3 zones / 18 wards.

Result 3

(Safety of schools & health systems): Emergency preparedness of 36 schools and 6 health facilities across target wards is improved.

Result 4

(Mobilising masses): The disaster risk awareness and emergency preparedness amongst the population in high-density areas of Dhaka are increased.

Target Groups


“The Direct Beneficiaries (43,390) are those who are directly trained through the project and directly involved in its activities. This includes:

-80 master trainers/facilitators from the BDRCS (on FA, light SAR, URA, RCY and volunteer management).

– 360 members of the 18 Ward Disaster Management Committees (where WDMCs are replaced, the project will aim for a WDMC composition with 50% women).

– 3,600 urban volunteers in 18 wards.                                                       

– 36,000 school students and teachers in 36 participating schools (existing Red Crescent Youth RCY members   – new additional recruitment will aim for 50% females).                                                                                                               

– 300 staff of 6 health facilities.

– 3,000 members of market and community associations.

The Indirect Beneficiaries (1,211,300) are the people of the 18 target wards – those who benefit from enhanced earthquake and emergency preparedness. Through the various channels for community engagement and specific activities, the project will ensure that vulnerable groups (women, elderly, persons with disabilities, children) will be reached.

Partners and their involvement

Bangladesh Red Crescent Society-BDRCS (Implementing partner).                                  

Christian Aid-CA, Action Against Hunger-ACF and British Red Cross-BRC (Implementing partner).

IFRC (Technical partner).

Dhaka South City Corporation, Fire Service and Civil Defence, Dept. of Disaster Management and Relief Ward Disaster Management Committee, Health Centres and Blood Services, Schools, Community Associations.

Applicant /Donor

German Red Cross (GRC)

European Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations (ECHO)