Nationwide Heatwave Early Actions/Response-Operational Update 1

In other districts, Bangladesh Red Crescent Society (BDRCS) has already started its various activities by distributing drinking water and disseminating awareness messages through PSA/loudspeaker miking and leaflet distribution to reduce the sufferings of the pedestrians. The Red Crescent Youth (RCY) volunteers of BDRCS are actively engaged in these activities. Banners, festoon with awareness raising messages are also being displayed in public places. Besides, drinking water has been distributed to the rickshaw/van pullers, and pedestrians along with umbrella and caps. As of now all the activities are being implemented through locally mobilized resources at the branch level. Also, few of the branch are jointly implementing the awareness raising activities jointly with respective Zila Parishad. BDRCS, based on the weather forecast by BMD and analysis of the possible impact of the ongoing heatwave, has targeted around 35-40 districts for nationwide response by reaching approximately 30,000 people per district. BDRCS has prepared a one plan which needs BDT 65.67 Million approximately USD 597,000.00 to implemten the heatwave response activities in 35 to 40 districts. .

Key actions are included the plan :

1. dissemination of life saving awareness messages on heatwave

2. distribution of safe drinking water

3. distribution of electrolyte drink

4. distribution of cap and umbrella for personal shading

5. set up temporary cooling stations

6. provide first aid and Phycho Social Support services and ambulance services for referral.

IFRC, Participating National Societies (PNSs) and other partners are supporting BDRCS through technical and financial assistance. As BDRCS with the support of IFRC-DREF, has activated the Heatwave EAP, IFRC Country Delegation in Bangladesh and relevant in country PNSs e.g. German Red Cross, American Red Cross, Swedish Red Cross, Swiss Red Cross are supporting BDRCS in implementing the Early Action Protocol (EAP) on ground. Also, different PNS’s are exploring additional pool of fund to support further on districts which are not under Heatwave EAP coverage but considered as vulnerable due to ongoing heatwave situation. At the same time, BDRCS and IFRC are working on launching a DREF to support additional vulnerable people due to the ongoing heatwave across the country.


Nationwide Heatwave Early Actions/Response
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