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EERW Programme Success Story Book (2021)

The Success Story Book “Voice of the Women, Voice of the Earth” has been published based on the achievements that were accumulated through the implementation of the Economic Empowerment of Rural Women (EERW) Programme in Bangladesh. Documenting and using success stories is the major work for preparing the document and demonstrating the outcomes of the

Disaster Preparedness Bulletin-March 2022

Being an auxiliary to the government in the humanitarian field, Bangladesh Red Crescent Society (BDRCS) is one of the leading humanitarian organizations in the country, with branches and activities that cover the entire nation. BDRCS is a major national player in disaster and crisis response and works closely with authorities at national and local levels.

PMO Operational Update October 2021

The IFRC and others 11 RCRC Participating Partners Society (PNSs) and The Fred Hollows Foundation (FHF) are supporting for the BDRCS in the Population Movement Operation (PMO). Gradually, BDRCS emphasizing on the localization and scaling down the HR status considering the crisis is protracting. Organogram of the Operation is also reviewing according to the last

Turning the Tide

Turning The Tide – Adapting to Climate Change in Coastal Communities  A report by the Climate Center and the Norwegian Red Cross, with the IFRC, Bangladesh Red Crescent Society, Mexico Red Cross and Somalia Red Cross was launched on Thursday 4 November at COP26 showing the huge impact of climate change on coastal communities across

BDRCS Annual Report 2020 (English Version)

This Annual Report, published by the Bangladesh Red Crescent Society on countless initiatives adopted by it in 2020 for bettering the lives of humans, is hoped to be used as a ‘catalyst’ and as an ‘institutional memento’ for playing a significant role in the implementation of post-disaster relief, disaster risk reduction programs as well as

PMO Operational Update (September 2021)

Bangladesh Red Crescent Society (BDRCS) continues a grand humanitarian response namely Population Movement Operation (PMO) for the displaced Myanmar People (FDMN) in Cox’s Bazar since 2017. A Lesson Learnt Workshop to plan for next four years (2022-2024) was held early of September 2021. To ensure the live-saving assistance, developing infrastructure, enhancing disaster resilience, health &

MRRO Q-3 Report (July-September, 2021)

Though MRRO launched on 1992, Bangladesh Red Crescent Society started operation since 1978 for the Rohingya Crisis, providing lifesaving support from 1992, which was limited to Registered camps. After the latest influx of August 2017, BDRCS has expanded the interventions on all 16 UNHCR managed camps to provide NFI and LPG support along with Cash

BDRCS Strategic Plan 2021-25

Bangladesh Red Crescent Society is delighted to share its Strategic Plan for the period 2021-2025 which outlines the mission, vision, and strategic goals. The process of formulating a new strategic plan at BDRCS has given us the opportunity to take stock on past success and failures, to determine our vision and future goals in light

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