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Winners of Service Delivery and Intervention Category

Rajshahi City
Chattogram City
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Rajshahi City
Chattogram City
Chattogram District


BDRCS, as an auxiliary to the government of Bangladesh and in line with its mandate, has been operating through its 68 branches across the country to reduce the suffering of vulnerable people affected by natural disasters, diseases, and human-induced crises.

BDRCS is well represented in all 64 districts of Bangladesh through its branches and other institutions at different locations. BDRCS has been delivering the services to the people in need for decades. In this time span humanitarian environment has changed and now the field is filled up with multiple players. This has increased the competition and demanded more systematic ways to do our jobs. Additionally, there is an understanding that responding to the rapid changes in our world, and local context, will require our organization to adopt new skills, models, and approaches. It is necessary to maintain a well-coordinated, efficient, and respectful approach to support each other and ensure that all branches can effectively work with their communities to understand needs and strengths, design plans, and ensure quality improvement.


Branches are the limbs of the National Society and are the frontline means of reaching the community and for delivering services throughout the country. The contribution of the BDRCS Units (Branches) towards the overall service delivery of the NS is enormous. The BDRCS branches are responsible for their own development and have a responsibility to contribute to the BDRCS mission, vison, and strategic targets sets in the Strategic Plan 2021-2025. The BDRCS Headquarters is committed to facilitating the development process. In this regard, a branch development framework has already been developed, providing general guidance on the branch planning process, project, and activity aspects, as well as management aspects in line with BDRCS standards. The framework aims to facilitate the implementation of branch development and to support all branches in achieving the status of a developed or well-functioning branch in line with the minimum standards outlined in the framework. The following events are initiatives of the branch development process.

Best unit/ branches award ceremony 2023

Organizing a Best Branches Award Ceremony can be a strategic and meaningful initiative for various reasons such as Recognition and Motivation, Encouraging Excellence, Showcasing Best Practices, Knowledge Sharing, Service Excellence, and Positive Publicity. This event will create a culture of healthy competition among branches that can drive performance improvements and Sustainability. Fostering a positive atmosphere within the organization contributes to better collaboration. Awarding the best branches sets a benchmark for performance standards within the organization. It establishes clear expectations and will help to reach BDRCS Strategic Goals for other branches to strive towards.


The objective of the event is to provide an overview of the awarding process and to encourage the branches for better development and self-sustainability such as enhancing the financial self-sufficiency of branches through local resource mobilization in future endeavors.

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