Sirajganj Unit

Sirajganj Unit:

Address: Sirajganj Red Crescent Unit, Mogib Road, Sirajganj Post: Sirajganj-6700, P.S: Sirajganj, District: Sirajganj, Phone : 01711-539111/ 01715-005436


Unit Executive Committee

Md. Abdul Latif Biswas

Md. Abdul Latif Biswas (Born 11/01/1953) is Bangladeshi politician and currant Chairman of Sirajgong  Zilla Porishad. Freedom fighter,  Ex. MP, Ex. Minister, and  Businessman.

Md. Mostafa Kamal Khan
Vice Chairman

Md. Mostafa Kamal Khan (Born 10 May1953).  is Freedom fighter, President  Rajab Ali Memorial Science College and  Businessman.



K.M. Hossain Ali Hasan

K.M. Hossain Ali Hasan he was born on 01November 1948 Freedom fighter, Advocate, Politician, Businessman, President Zila Awamileag (Acting), Member, National Assembly Bangladesh Awamileag


Dr. M. H. Millat M.P.
UEC Member
Md. Belal Hossain
UEC Member
01819-911456Belal Hossain
Selina Begum Shopna
UEC Member
01711-977777Salina Begum
Begum Ashanoor Biswas
UEC Member
01760-801544Ashanur Biswas
Md. Daniul Haque
UEC Member
01711-301567Md Daniul Haque Mollah
Md. Firoz Talukdar
UEC Member
01914-727832Firoj Talukdar
Mohammad Riaz Uddin
UEC Member
Hilton Kumar Shaha
UEC Member
Md. Rabiul Alam
Unit Level Officer (ULO)
Mst. Shapla Khatun
Youth Chief