Planning and Development

The Planning and Development Department has been Endeavoring toward making BDRCS a strong and sustainable National Society for efficient service delivery. The Department coordinates the effort to have a strong legal base (as per the standard of the movement). With the initiative of this department BDRCS completed the exercise of Organizational Capacity Assessment and Certification (OCAC) process which identifies strength and weakness of the BDRCS for taking further measures. After the OCAC self-assessment exercise, the Department is coordinating with other Departments to revise their operational plan of action in line with OCAC action plan and recommendation. Branch Organizational Capacity Assessment (BOCA) process has also been initiated and so far 60 branches out of 68 conducted BOCA exercise as a part of comprehensive branch development initiative. As a part of Unit/Branch Development initiatives, 5 key Unit Development documents i.e Unit Governance Manual, Operations Manual, Asset Management Policy, Code of Conduct and Integrity Policy have been prepared and published. Unit/Branch Development Framework has also been formulated.

The department coordinated with Human Resource department in formulating organogram of BDRCS and provided technical support to formulate standing orders on finance, audit, admin and service rules. It also provided technical and financial support to organize HR management training for potential staff.

Planning Monitoring Evaluation and Reporting (PMER) Section of the department has also been working for establishing a strong PMER system in BDRCS to uphold transparency and accountability. PMER team supports other department/ programs/ projects in conducting baseline and end line surveys and evaluation, Volunteer Investment and Value Audit (VIVA) studies etc.