According to Fundamental Principles of Red Cross Red Crescent Movement and the constitutional mandates of the Society, Bangladesh Red Crescent Society (BDRCS) has been performing comprehensive role in terms of public health development activity as auxiliary to the public authority of Bangladesh through providing health care services.

Providing emergency health care services, reduction of mother and child mortality rate, providing treatment and prevention of different diseases are the main goal of health programs and services of the Society. Through 56 Mother and Child Health Centers (MCH centers), 2 Eye Hospitals, 5 Mother and Child Care hospitals, 1 General hospital, and various health care centers, the Society has been providing health care services to the people from different remote and peripheral locations. As of 30th November 2019, including 433,001 women, 117,827 men and 145,340 children the Society provided different health care services to a total of 696,168 persons for free or at less cost.

Components of Health Department: