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Blood Program

Blood Program

In Bangladesh, there remains an ever increasing demand of safe blood. We began our blood center operations in 1981, and today we have blood programmer centers in over 8 districts. We collect safe blood and have an excellent and dependable distribution scheme. Find out more in the repot of 2017.

Under the Blood Programme of the Society, blood components have been transfused to more than 1,500 thalassemia patients regularly in Dhaka, Jessore, Sylhet, and Chittagong.

Till November 2017, the total amount of blood collected under this programme is 60,385 bags, out of which, in total 24,152 bags have been collected from the voluntary blood donors and 36,233 bags have been collected from the relatives and friends of the patients. The total amount of collected blood with components is 70,990 bags.

With the help of the IFRC “World Blood Donation Day” was celebrated on 14 June this year like the previous years to increase blood collection and encourage blood donors, donor organizations and other relevant parties. On this occasion, 145 regular donors, organizations, and blood donation institutions had been honored. With the assistance of the IFRC, in total 236 bags of blood were collected from the prisoners of 21 prisons under a voluntary blood donation programme named “Prison Week 2017”. In 2017, the total amount of donated blood had been- 401 bags from BEPZA, 408 Bags from Management Net, 393 bags from International Trade Fair, 218 bags from Notre Dem Collage, 152 bags from Bangladesh University of Business Technology, 128 bags from Standard Chartered Bank, 124 from Santa Mariam University, 120 bags from medicine manufacturing company SK-F, 102 bags from Nestle Bangladesh, 84 bags from Bangladesh Public Administration, 81 from Bank Asia, 71 bags from Presidency University, 62 bags from Daffodil University, and 78 bags from NCC Bank. Also, regular blood donation activities had been organized in different institutions like East West University, South East University, Cambrian College, American University, Dhaka College, Titumir College, Tolaram College, Kobi Nazrul College, Naem, Robi Bangladesh, Chevron Bangladesh, Social Islami Bank, and Mirpur Majar. In total 191 bags of blood of different blood groups have been provided to the field hospital run by Red Cross/Red Crescent by the Red Crescent blood center in Chittagong district to be used for the displaced people in Cox’s Bazar from Myanmar.

With advanced technology, reversed blood grouping method has been introduced, with forward grouping, in group identification process in the blood centers in Dhaka. As a result, more accuracy has been assured in blood grouping. Significant changes have also been brought in blood cross-matching with the introduction of cumus test method. The cross-matching of the blood of the Thalassemia patients are done with this cumus method. Being satisfied by the humanitarian works of the blood programme, the Government has allocated 10 core BDT in their 2017-2018 budget, for the improvement of this programme.